Sunday, 12 October 2008

Felting 3

The workshop lasted for two hours and it was the quickest two hours I have known. At the end of the two hours we cleared up and then enjoyed an excellent lunch provided by the organiser and her friends. Very civilised and a lovely change from rushing off at the end of a session without time to chat!

As you can see there were some beautiful and colourful pieces of felt produced You should be able to see my friend's lovely Autumnal felt. I love the heart shape too. Jane was an excellent tutor and went round encouraging and advising everyone. She had brought examples of her work with her and a very tempting array of wool fibres, silk fibres, buttons, sequins, inspiration packs and mini felts. Yes, I was tempted. No, I'm not posting my sins this time lol

Above and below are my pieces, not quite dry and photographed in very bright sunlight this afternoon. I was trying to think of the sea when I laid out the left hand side of the piece above. The right hand side was just a play.
I will have to photograph the piece above again as it is drying out with the background looking much darker and the red silk showing up more.
I treated myself to one of Jane's mini-felts as it reminded me of a stone wall, even though the colours are not "wall-like". It's about 4 inches square and I'm sure will inspire me to work some more at this magical felting.
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Gina said...

I love that vibrant pink/purple piece of felt Julie. Really scrumptious!

Dot said...

Oh yum! What beautiful eye candy Julie. Love the felt you have made.

And the piece you bought from Jane is beautiful. Lots's of lovely colors.

What a great idea to have a lunch after the workshop. Always good to spend time with like minded people!

Robin Mac said...

What a wonderfully creative time you have been having lately. I love the felt you have made, and I suspect you have trouble with your hands as I do. I tried nuno felting once and couldn't move for about four days afterwards so decided then and there that needle felting would be the only type of felting I would try ever again. Your method looks fairly easy on the hands though, so maybe........... Cheers,Robin

Lesley said...

I just love felt making and your day looks perfect to me!! I love the pieces you made and Jane's piece is gorgeous too.

Now look here Missus - I've got to add book-making and felting to my 'have to do' list - you're a bad influence ;)


Jackie said...

I am stunned by your felting but even more impressed by your ability to get the 1,2,3, posts not in reverse order.