Friday, 26 September 2008

What if? and webs

Remember this?

I didn't do a lot on holiday but I did do this
(excuse the colour change, I've tweaked it a bit). Hopefully the photo will enlarge enough for you to see what I have done with this crazy patch so far. My DH thinks it is finished but I feel it needs a little more stitchwork on it. So far I have ironed it onto vilene and I am going to couch yarns around the edge, echoing the colours I have used, to finish it off as I didn't leave enough to turn an edge (Duh!).
I've been a bit quiet as you may have noticed since we came home. The usual routine and catching up on the net has been the cause and I've also been feeling a bit low. Nothing I can put my finger on and I'm sure it'll pass.
My mood was lifted this morning though when I went to my art club. I don't normally like spiders, although I won't kill one if I can help it, but I do like to see cobwebs strung along a hedge glistening with dew.
This is just part of a hedge which as you can see was smothered in webs which were sparkling as the sun was breaking through the mist. Beautiful!
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Sarah E. said...

Such a magical picture -- like dozens of fairies' hammocks!

Dot said...

Hi Julie

I am enjoying catching up on your posts now you are back from your holiday.

Your crazy quilting is gorgeous! Love all the laces you have used (yumm).

And the cob web photo is lovely. Like you I am not to keen on spiders (an understatement) but this is lovely!

Hope you and DH are rested after your break and he is feeling much better.

Dot xx