Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Synchronised sitting update and postal goodies

Did I say the winners of Bob T Bear's Olympic Synchronised Sitting competition had been announced? You can see who the winners were over at Bob's blog. Unfortunately my bears didn't win but the winners well-deserved their wins. My brave bears did receive a certificate today, though, for their pyramid attempt! Thank you, Bob's mummy and daddy, for giving us all a bit of fun and for your generosity in sending us all certificates!

Yet more goodies in the post today, this time from Kate who has set up an ATC challenge on her blog. Kate offered 5 ATC backgrounds and a selection of embellishments as a giveaway in return for one of the ATCs to be worked to a completion, in any manner and with or without her embellishments, and to be returned to her. (Sorry, all the ATCs have been sent out now).
Her package included the instructions on this very stylish notepaper and a very pretty parcel wrapped in sparkly paper and tied with a feathery yarn.
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Inside were these lovely ATC backgrounds and a packet of goodies. I'm a bit spoiled for choice but I have one or two ideas so I'm going to have a play and see what happens! Let's just hope I end up with at least one that isn't completely wrecked as Kate does want a glimmer of the original base to show through! Play time!
Did I say I was going to see Mamma Mia again tonight? I lied! Sort of, I've had to call it off as I'm totally shattered, hence a short post. The spirit is willing but the body's said "You must be joking, kidder!" Actually the spirit's pretty spark out too.


sharon young said...

What love ATC's, Julie, very colourful.
Well done to your bears, I would have given them a first prize, but then again I am biased :-)
Thanks for all your lovely quilt pics, there's certainly some there that I haven't seen, and thanks too for filling in some of the makers for me on my blog.

Gina said...

Love the ATC backgrounds. Will be interesting to see what you do with them.

artisbliss said...

I'm part of that challenge too, Julie, so I was very excited to see the backgrounds you received. I'll be looking for mine soon as well.