Sunday, 17 August 2008

Susan Brandeis

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This is just a flavour of the surfaces Susan Brandeis produces. Much of this work is inspired by aerial views and comes through experimentation with "combinations of Patterns, colours, textures and images". I am very interested in her journey form start photo to finished quilt. (Sorry not the best collage in the world!)


silverpebble said...

Wow, so much beautiful work -thanks so much for the pictures - sumptuous. Inspiring too - just wish I had the time to start quilting! Still, things are looking up with the bottle!

Margaret S said...

Thanks for the trip around the FOQ exhibition Julie. I couldn't make it this year as I am awaiting a hip replacement op and after struggling around Tatton I just knew I couldn't cope with the crowds. Last year was so inspiring that I am still working thro the ideas that I took from it. Maybe when I am up and running so to speak next year we might meet up!