Sunday, 17 August 2008

A flavour of the Festival

Barbara Weeks stand. She had some lovely coastal theme quilties. The quilts at the top of the photo are part of a Button Up Quilt Project which extended all round the hall reserved as the "European Quilters Cafe". The total length is almost 220 metres and each quilt is attached to its neighbour by buttons and loops. The project was designed to bring quilters together from all over the world.

This is a detail from a Lutradur based Innovative Large Quilt by Brenda Boardman. The surface is covered with scattered pieces of fabric and machine embroidery.

These bodices and jackets above were in a section titled "Quilt Creations" as was the exhibit below which is entitled "Concertino" and which is by Jutta Erner of Oberhausen Germany. The individual books on each stand each have 3 layers of self made fabrics.

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Mai-Britt said...

Great pictures Julie, you really got the feel of the festival here.

Can I just add that the bodice in the front is by Jackie Harvey who won prices for Traditional Small Category (1st) and Hand Quilting (2nd).

There was an article in one of the British magazines recently about the construction of the bodice - very interesting.