Monday, 4 August 2008

Blog Award

I had to pop back in just to say "Thank you" to Sigrunn who I did not know before today and who has given me this award. Sigrunn, thank you so much. I am so delighted to know that you have been enjoying my blog and that I now have the chance to visit your own blog, which is so varied and has some beautiful flower photographs on it. Sigrunn, who lives in Norway, makes beautiful bags with photo images so please look in at her lovely blog.


I was very surprised to receive an email from Sigrunn today and it made me think about the people who do read my blog without my being aware of it. Thank you, everyone who takes the time to look in here, whether you leave a comment or not. I really appreciate the fact that you take the time in a busy life to come and visit me here, especially if you come back again! :o)


DILLY said...

Mweah! Julie be bwilllyunt! Mweah!


Mai-Britt said...

Fantastic Julie, you deserved it! Congratulations......

Ps. Will you be coming to the Festival of Quilts? It would be great to meet.