Sunday, 13 July 2008

Rain beautiful rain

It wasn't all sunshine in Austria. We had plenty of sunshine but we also had our fair share of thunderstorms and rain.

This was the view from our balcony after a rainstorm.

I always like to see a rainbow, they are so beautiful!

You should be able to see that the rain was falling here at Walchsee which would otherwise be a lively seaside-style resort (even though it's nowhere near the sea! The Austrians love to enjoy their lakes in the summer)

Another storm pursuing us back to the hotel!
Talk about a downpour!
I've never been to the tropics but this rain put me in mind of it.

I thought these covers for the windowboxes were very nifty (useful).


Judy Wise said...

Wonderful photographs, I feel like I'm right there. xo

Gina said...

Mmmmm.... a bit like the weather here last week! Great photos!

Helen Suzanne said...

aye fantastic photos. The "sandwich" one had a comical effect on my mind as I'm so into this kind of textural pic too. Immediately the tune that goes "..she's got the look..." set off in a celebratory arm waving in the air sort of jaunt through my brain. (sure that tune is used in some car advert now). I'd hum it for you but you'd still not get it ;))

sharon young said...

Fantastic pics, julie, but a bit too close to home with all the 'wet stuff' we've had lately :-)