Thursday, 1 May 2008

Take it Further May Challenge

The challenge for this month's "Take it Further" is a question. How do you describe yourself as an artist? How do you see yourself? Now, that is a loaded question! Most of the time I don't have a clue myself. A year ago I would have called myself a "painter". Since then I have dabbled in mixed media and textile art and have even turned my hand to stitching/sewing/embroidery. The alternative option for the challenge is to use the colours below for a piece of work.
pink and blue
I was going to ramble on discuss what makes me or doesn't make me an artist but I think I'll save that for another time as my brain's a bit tired tonight and I can't get my thoughts together. I do like the colours in the alternative option this month and I am very tempted to try some crazy quilting/patchwork but I've also got something lurking at the edge of my brain to do with mixed media on canvas so I'm going to let things fester/simmer for a few days before I decide.

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sharon young said...

Phew, Julie I thought my bloglines was down, 6 posts in one go!!
It would be very interesting to read your thoughts some time on how you view yourself as an artist, I think Sharon has been very clever in her choice of challenge.
I'll be back later to look at your other posts.
Thanks for you input re the perspex frames.