Thursday, 22 May 2008

Glimpses, gifts and post

I've just noticed it's Thursday already and I haven't posted anything this week. I've had a really busy week but it's all been top secret until the people involved have received the fruits of my labours!

My dear friend Grace has been having another sort out and I've benefitted from her sewing box.

I love the look of the lurex packaging, it certainly looks of a certain era. I haven't managed to use it successfully yet but I'm delighted to have the eyelet punch, I've been thinking of buying one for a while. The yellow strips make a template for cutting patchwork pieces.
I thought I would tempt you with a glimpse of what I've been making this week. I can't show too much as it will spoil the surprise for Susan. It's on its way to america so I'll reveal all when it's been received.


You may remember that I belong to MixedMediaATCs_UK a Yahoo group and every month we have a lottery. I showed my card the other day and I found out yesterday that I am the lucky winner by a random draw this month so I will be getting everybody else's cards! Yay! The first one arrived today -how quick was that?!

Sue had sent me a beautiful stitched handmade paper envelope with her card. The gold and black are sprayed on. I think it's called cobweb spray.

The little fish are really sweet and I think the seaweed is real seaweed probably dyed.

I shouldn't really let Chelsea week pass by without heading up a link to the BBC website. Chelsea Flower Show is one of the great gardening events in the UK and I for one try not to miss any of the TV coverage. I've been a couple of times many years ago with my Mum but it's very expensive to get in and the crowds are heaving so I prefer to enjoy it via the telly.
It's coming up to a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK and, dare I say it, we are off on a little jaunt again! Well, it is DH's 60th this year so we're going a bit mad. Whatever you're doing this weekend have a lovely time and I hope the weather is kind to you. See you next week.


Gina said...

Have a fabulous break away Julie - hope the weather is fine for you.

Gunnels blog said...

such a beautiful handmade paper envelope!

artisbliss said...

Ooh, I'm excited now, Julie! Your swap went into the post today, too, so maybe they'll wave at each other on the way over the ocean! Have a fun weekend away, and tell hubby happy birthday.

morningDove said...

hey been missing you on FAT. Holly's little embellished card is lovely esp. love the color. And love all your treasures from Grace.

sharon young said...

Hi Julie
I'm just catching up on some posts now the exhibition's over, hope you've had a good trip and a happy 60th to your OH.
I agree with you about Chelsea, I've watched the whole TV coverage. We went in 2002, but it's much too expensive now.

Mai-Britt said...

Wonderful stuff Julie, I have added you as one of my favorite blogs on my own blog - hope that is alright........

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I hope yu had better bank holiday weather than we did in Colchester! Rain an gales!

How menny cards will yu end up with??? THat'll be nice to come home to!

I like the littol fishes.

DeeMom said...

When you have time please visit my BLOG. I have an Award for you!