Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Technical Hitch

*!?*#&*! flip! Sorry but I've just found out I've got a problem with uploading my photos. All that work for nothing! You might prefer to come back tomorrow when I've had my nervous breakdown and beaten Blogger and Picasa into submission! Aaaaaaaaagh! Yippee! Picasa has recovered! Normal service is resumed!!!!! Happy dancing here! :o)


Lesley said...

So glad it wasn't me not seeing things!!!

Good luck with sorting it out Julie - got any wine to help you along?


Guzzisue said...

just been having the same problem, eventually renamed all my phots which seemed to held.

Genie said...

Try saving your photos to your desktop first and not going thru Picassa, I know how you feel its so frustrating when nothing works as it should!!
Sounds like a strong drink was called for. Good Luck. Jean