Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Gratuitous Beauty 2

From here you are looking across to the Beara Peninsula on the other side of Derrynane Bay, across the Kenmare River. Some years ago (1997 to be exact) my Mum and I explored the Beara peninsula and, dare I say it, it is a stunning area, even more so than the Ring. The Beara is even more rugged than the Ivereagh Peninsula (the Ring of Kerry) and is less well populated.

We had our lunch at the Scariff Inn enjoying this lovely view. (No affiliation).
Looking back onto an inlet of the Kenmare River.
This beautiful tumble of rocks and water is in the village of Sneem, which is also known as "The knot on the ring" (Sneem means 'knot' in Gaelic). although there has been some building of new homes I was pleased to see that Sneem still retains its traditional atmosphere. It suffers a little from being a recognised stop for coaches on the Ring but fortunately we were there early in the season. Saying that there were about 6 coaches ranged round the central green!
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sharon young said...

Wow! breath taking scenery and what a lovely place to have lunch.

Judy Scott said...

Double wow, I have never been to Ireland and it look sooooo beautiful, your photos are amazing and the texture photos are brilliant, really beautiful, Jx