Sunday, 6 April 2008

Did you have a good day today?

We were threatened with snow showers today but, as usual, the weather forecasters told fibbies and we had a lovely sunny day - mind you, the wind was pretty chilly!
As it was such a gorgeous morning I thought we should get out into the fresh air so we popped out to our neighbouring stately home, Belton House which is owned by the National Trust. As we are members of the National Trust it doesn't cost us anything to go in.

This is the view of the house after you leave your car in the main car park. (Thank you to my DH for letting me borrow this photo from his camera!).

This is the view of the rear of the house from the parkland.

This avenue leads Eastwards away from the house and its daffodils are still in bloom.

We headed towards the lakeside walk and passed this beautiful Weeping Willow with its luscious green foliage just starting to come out. If I say so myself, I like this image with the path snaking away to the distant gates. You can see what a lovely sunny morning it was today.

While a lot of the daffodils were going over this cheerful group still look pristine.

I don't know whether you can tell from this photograph but I was looking down into this little dell which is just at the back of the large lake in the grounds of Belton House. A few years ago the lake was inaccessible but the National Trust have improved the access and it is now possible to walk all round the lake.

Part of the restoration of the lake has included the reclamation of this boathouse, which is now looking beautiful but which, for the moment remains cordoned off. Records kept in Belton House show that this was originally built as a fishing platform where the landowner and his guests could also socialise. The boathouse looks beautiful now, although I am sure that it is still on an angle and not quite upright!

The beautiful leaded light windows have been restored and I love the patterns on the walls.

The roof is described as being tiled in a "fishscale" pattern. Not easy to get a photograph when you're only 5'2"!

The sun was sparkling beautifully on the water.

This photo was taken from the side of the boathouse. Not many trees in leaf yet.

Now I know why they didn't used to let you walk round the lake!............................ Dragons!!!!! Dilly will be pleased! ;)

No woodland walk would be complete without a few gratuitous texture photos :)

And finally,

luscious peeling paint on a roller!

Oops! Just a couple more!

My DH took this lovely tortured tree

And I've had a play!


Gina said...

What a lovely day out and such beautiful photos! We had thick snow this morning - but it soon went and turned to sunshine this afternoon.

Sequana said...

Makes me want to read Brideshead Revisited again......or revisit it?

anyway, i see a huge monster head in that tortured tree. Those crazy Druids. *S*

DeeMom said...

I could wish our lawn looked that good ;)
AH The Avenue with the daffodils how neat…
Our Willows are Blushing green now as well…always a welcomed sight
AH AH and Ahhhhhhhhhhh the gems on the water are wonderful

Fabulous pictures

sharon young said...

What a lovely sunny post , Julie, it looks like a beautiful house, one to put on the list next time we're up your end of the country.
Love the 'fish scale' tiles, I've never seen them before.
You certainly got some great textural shots, especially the lawn roller, wonderful pic!!!
Thanks for dropping by my blog, I couldn't believe we had so much snow, so quickly.

mrsnesbitt said...

Sunny day?????? Thick snow here right now, so I must get out and take some photos.
Watch this space! LOL!

Margaret S said...

some great textures here for inspiration Julie

Robin Mac said...

What a wonderful visit you must have had, the photos are super, and I love the play you have had at the end!

Barbara Cheeseman said...

I do like pix of places like this. Particularly like the one with a tree shadow falling across the path. It says to me 'do somehting with this'!