Thursday, 3 April 2008

Bargains (again)!

Today has been a bit of a dead loss on the arty front. I woke up tired and never really caught up. My only achievement has been a bit of food shopping and a rather successful visit to a local charity shop and a fabric shop.
This half metre
And this beautiful half metre

And this 2 metres of santa organza (the hats will come off easily),

cost me £1.50 for the lot! The top 2 fabrics look like linen and are beautiful. I have ideas of dyeing them but they'll probably sit in my stash for some time.

Above are 2 scarves which I can use with the embellisher and a lovely trivet that is already in the garden in a bowl of water rusting! The blue scarf looks as though it has been tie-dyed. These came from the charity shop (thrift shop) and were just £2.25 altogether. Not a bad bit of shopping I think! :)


Lesley said...

That's a great bit of retail therapy Julie!! I love your fabrics and I can't believe they sell organza with Santa hats stuck on!!


artisbliss said...

I love a bargain, and you did really well!

Genie said...

Good hunting, I had some luck this afternoon and got a lot of Unusual buttons and a few buckles. and earlier this week some Chiffon scarfs.