Friday, 28 March 2008

I am not worthy!

I have been very remiss in not mentioning several awards which I have been nominated for recently (and not so recently!). I very much appreciate and feel humbled by being selected by fellow artists for these awards.

Some time ago my dear friend Lynda otherwise known to you as Purplemissus nominated me for the "You Make my Day Award". Lynda is such a gifted artist and creator that I was amazed that she had selected my blog. Thank you Lynda both for the award, for visiting my blog and for all the efforts you put out there into bringing your expertise and ideas to fellow artists. (I gave you a wave when I was in Essex at the weekend ;) ).

When we got back from visiting my Mum I found a message from Margaret of Little Works of Art that she had nominated me as a blog that brought her inspiration and made her appreciate the blogosphere! Ooooh! Now, I don't think I had actually "met" Margaret before so I am truly overwhelmed that this very talented lady had selected my blog for this award. Thank you very much Margaret, and thank you for taking the time to look in at my inane ramblings blog. I will try and get some serious creativity on here again soon!

In true blogging tradition I should now select 10 of my favourite blogs to pass these awards on to. The difficulty is that I have so many favourite blogs as you can see from my blogroll. I will say, Lynda and Margaret, consider yourselves nominated as blogs that inspire me in return. For the remaining nominations I can only point to all of you whose blogs I read everyday (when I really should be working in my studio or sewing or embellishing or chasing dust bunnies or.......) and who fill me with awe, admiration and laughter (you must know who you are!!!)

(Did you notice I've managed to get that crossing out thingy to work? Thank you Moogsmum, I finally got round to trying it). :) Oh yes, you're definitely one of my favourite blogs that inspire me and make me appreciate the blogosphere! and have me rolling on the floor laughing too!

A touch of Spring from my friend's garden last week (cos there is way too much reading in this post!).


Anne Wigfull said...

So how do you do the crossing out thingy?
And have you tried doing the cling film and ink thingy yet?

Lesley said...

I love the crossing out thing too - and your ramblings are never inane!

Congratulations on your well deserved awards :)


West Country Mother said...

You have to share! How did you get the crossed out words please? I've tried many times but haven't succeeded.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Yes, I'd like to kno that wun too!!! Heheh!

Congratchewlayshuns on yor awards!!


artisbliss said...

Those flowers make me wish it was warm enough to plant here. Wah!

sharon young said...

Well done on your awards Julie, you certainly deserve them. I for one love visiting your blog and invariably come away inspired and have a smile on my face!!
What wonderful flowers, maybe Spring is here after all and it wasn't just a rumour.

artisbliss said...

I've tagged you, Julie. Details on my blog.

DeeMom said...

AH so HOW DO YOU Cross things out?

Beautiful flowers

Also Congratulations on your award.

I finally figured out how to link some of the Blogs I really enjoy. I do believe this will be an additional help for me to visit your blog more often.

Purple Missus said...

Was that a wave? I thought it was a slap **LOL**
I haven't been a very good blogger lately - can't seem to get back in the swing of it. Help :))
P.S. You ramble away as much as you please - I love it!