Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Happy Holiday

As you will already have seen from Bertie's adventure we had a very enjoyable break in Yorkshire last week. The weather was kind to us, considering and we only had high winds and cold temperatures to contend with. You will not believe this, but I didn't buy anything! No, really! Nothing! Must be a record. I'm sure I'll make up for it soon.

This is the lovely view from the cabin. During the main season you can sit on the verandah and watch the steam trains as they travel between Pickering and Grosmont, listen to them too as they whistle a warning that they are approaching.

We were treated to the sight of a train going up the line when we arrived but there were no more trains running until the day we took our trip at the end of the holiday.

It is amazing the way the light changes up the valley from hour to hour and day to day. I would like to be able to capture this in a piece on the embellisher sometime.

A lot of birds visited us during our stay, probably because we kept them well supplied with crushed peanut pieces and scraps. We saw robins, blue tits, great tits, coal tits, goldfinches, woodpecker (though not on the feeders) rooks (again not on the feeders) blackbirds and a nuthatch. Various gulls and a lot of pigeons flew over and I think I saw a buzzard wheeling overhead as well. My DH will be posting more bird photos on his blog.

We didn't rush about during the week but we did have a few trips out including a visit to Whitby on a bitingly cold day. This handsome fella was sitting in a little paved area near the steps up to the abbey. I don't know anything about him or why he was where he was but I liked the patterns on him, especially his sculpted hair.

These are kippers hanging up in the famous Whitby Smokehouse on Henrietta Street.

Beyond the Smokehouse, on the slipway are these wonderful fossils cut into the concrete. Sharon has already shown these on her blog and I'm grateful to her for telling me where to find them. We nearly didn't find them because my poor DH was reet proper poorly the day we went to Whitby and had very little energy. I love the shape of the "starfish".

If you're looking for fish and chips in Whitby I can heartily recommend Hadley's Fish Restaurant which has a good, varied menu and serves wonderful fresh fish and excellent chips!

We had a brighter day for our visit to Scarborough as you can see from this view of Scarborough Castle from the seafront.

You can see my DH kept himself busy with his camera. (It's ok, these are our friends, not some poor unsuspecting passers-by).

I love the long shadows at this time of year, I don't feel nearly so short as I really am!

This lovely vase caught my attention as we walked along the front.

Just to show you what a glorious day we had. I love the reflection in the wet sand.
I've got lots more to show you but I'll save some for another day as you're probably getting bored by now and I need to go catch up on a few more blogs! Phew! Nobody told me blogging was such hard work!!! lol


Lesley said...

Wonderful photos Julie! I especially like the one of Scarborough :)

I'm enjoying them - not bored at all!!


artisbliss said...

Great to see where you went on your trip. I love the public art (kneeling man, fossils) and the view of the castle. Looks like you had a very nice and relaxing time.

Gina said...

Lovely photos Julie and not at all bored!

I've just noticed that the in the first photo of your previous post Mungo and Maud match your hat!!!

sharon young said...

What lovely pics, Julie, so glad you found the fossil carvings, I think you must have had better light than on the day I went. We bought some of those kippers on the last day of our holiday and ate them for tea the next day, it was a lovely reminder of our stay.
I like the loook of Scarborough, we were told to go there last time but ran out of time, so maybe this year.
Thanks so much for sharing your pics, it was a lovely reminder, and certainly not boring.
I want to stay in that cabin, it looks wonderful!!
Hope your DH is fully recovered now.

The Wittering Rainbow said...

I haven't been to Whitby for years. I used to love the place and always treated myself to a kipper for breakfast (um, and unfortunately, lunch, tea and supper, as well!) Thank you for sharing your photos; I recognized quite a bit but not the fossils. Whereabouts are they? Glad you had such a nice break.

Judy Scott said...

oh such lovely photos, I was a very little girl the last time I was in Scarborough England, Scarborough Australia just 2 years ago!!!!
Love the long shadow shot too, Im just a little lass as well, Jx