Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Easter trip - Part I

Hi Everyone! I feel as though I've been away for weeks not just a few days. I hope everyone had a good Easter break. I've had a quick whip round the blogs I keep up with and it looks as though you mostly did.
We had a fairly successful visit to my Mum's. We managed to get rid of quite a bit of stuff for her without anyone falling out! Phew! We made 2 trips to the Charity (Op,Thrift) shops with car trunkfulls of recylable goods and left her with a considerable pile of rubbish for doorstep collection (or failing that a trip to the local tip by a friend). Surprisingly Mum didn't take too much convincing to part with her stuff this time. Mind you, Stewart did suggest we part her from some of her army of skirts, coats and shoes but she dug her heels straight in! No way, Jose!
I've come home with some of my Nanna's old papers and notebooks that she kept over the years. I didn't know that my Nan rented rooms to paying guests and holidaymakers in the 50's and it has been fascinating to read the messages of Thanks in her Visitors Book. They start out with messages from military personnel at the end of the Second World War and then move on to holidaymakers after that. An ongoing theme in all the messages was thanks for the marvellous food my Nan provided!

In looking through this book I can't help but wonder where these people are today, especially the children who left their messages too.
While the weather was pretty wintry throughout our stay we did venture outside to the seafront in the hope of catching a few crashing waves! Unfortunately the wind was pushing the waves off the shore so no dramatic photos. However, there were some lovely textures in the fishermen's rowboats secured up against the seawall.

Every time I see these boats lined up like this I think of the paintings of Terry Frost who lived in St Ives. He abstracted the rhythm of the shapes of boats and painted in joyous bright colours.
Blogger has now gone off me and won't upload anymore pics so I'll continue this in another post!


sharon young said...

Hi julie
Good to have you back in Blogland.
Looks as if you've got enough inpiration here to last you for a bit, epsecially your Nan's visitor's book, what a wonderful find.

artisbliss said...

What a treasure, that visitor's book! Glad you're posting again--I missed you!

DeeMom said...

AH Julie I sure understand that, we, hubby and I have been through that with our parents, but sad to say AFTER they went on to the heavens. So now Hubby and I are cleaning out our attic, we have almost completed round ONE.

Round TWO is to consolidate, all of my stuff, his stuff theier stuff etc all in one localized area.

THEN the final round… where we get to sit down and actually enjoy, given our hard work, the letters, and STUFF… like the love letters my Dad wrote to my Mom… and I am HEAR ME I AM going to put notes in the boxes, so when our 4 children go through them they can see a note and remember what a silly goose I am, and I do mean that in a kind way…Humor is good medicine…

Your Mom looks like ONE really neat woman

Frances said...

your Nan's visitors book sounds a real treasure, I have started sorting out my 'stuff' as I feel I couldn't leave it all for my children,
I love the boat photos,