Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Worn out bargain hunting!

Oh no! She's been shopping again! OK I confess! I got tempted. Our local Boundary Mills Store is starting its sale this week and they reeled me in with an offer of an extra 10% off my shopping! I didn't go along to buy clothes to wear but in the hope of finding some bargains in lovely fabrics as they often job stuff out for a few pounds. Well, I was not disappointed!

These lovely fabrics can all be used with the embellisher and I love the red embroidery which I can cut out and use. (£1 only) I will actually be able to wear the pretty pink flowery top because I quite like it and it cost all of £2.25 ($4.50)! The orange and pink flowery top is like a chiffon so I am looking forward to combining that with other fibres on the embellisher. Yum! These 4 items cost just over £6 altogether.

Above is a gorgeous top and skirt which together cost just £10. Below you can see how gorgeous the skirt is. I know it will shatter well under the embellisher and I can use the appliques too. The top has embroidered net as the top layer, plain net which I can embellish under fibres or machine over other fabrics. It is also adorned with tiny seed beads. The colour below is more accurate. (I bought the biggest sizes to get the most material! ) Won't it look lovely foiled?

Finally I spent £2.25 to buy this necklace which I shall break up for charms for ATCs and postcards.

So, not a bad haul for £18 ($36), now I just have to use it!!!!
By the time I had finished browsing and queuing up to pay I was shattered and fairly crawled out of the store. I had a quiet giggle on the way out though, as poor, bored, tired men were slumped on any available surface waiting for their missing wives. It is part of the entertainment when browsing this store to hear the plaintive cries over the tannoy for "Mr X to please meet his wife at the car/coffee shop/main till!" The other place they gather is on the sofas supplied for their use in the lingerie section near the Ladies changing room!
I had another giggle when I got outside.........I couldn't remember where I'd left the car! Well, I had a vague idea..... not far from the garden centre opposite. Trouble is my little Fiesta is little and she tends to hide from me behind bigger cars and 4x4s! Fortunately I did manage to track her down without too much trouble but it gave me a laugh at my senior moment. One of these days I'm going to get locked up for giggling in public.


Old Wom Tigley said...

Hello Julie
I follow the link from your DH.. how you put up with him I don't know... :o)

You have some very beautiful works here, I like sewing and knitting so I'll be calling back to see what you have got on show.

All the very best.

sharon young said...

Hi Julie
You certainly did get some bargains, can't wait to see what you do with that turquoise skirt and top!
I always used to lose my fiesta too, they're so small!

Gina said...

Some fabulous shopping there Julie! Glad I'm not the only one who has senior moments!
Gina xx

Lesley said...

So glad I'm not the only one to lose the car!!!

That's a great haul of goodies you have there Julie and i love the ideas you have for them.

I forgot to say how much I liked you ATC on your previous post - it's beautiful :)


Purple Missus said...

Next time you go bargain hunting - I want to come, you always do very well :)
I love that phrase you used 'shatter under the embellisher' - very apt.

Purple Missus said...

And I meant to add - love the header. How long has that been there?
And more importantly - how do you get it there?

The Wittering Rainbow said...

A girl can't giggle too much in my opinion. Funny what sets it off though! Tremendous bargains you've got, lucky you.