Sunday, 17 February 2008

Take it Further

My grotty cold has made me feel a bit lack lustre this weekend but I have managed to do a bit more to my piece for the February TIF challenge.

This is my layout so far. Nothing is stitched down yet but I am fairly happy with it so I don't think I will be altering the arrangement. First of all I have to acknowledge Beate's influence here. I really admire Beate's work and I hope she will not be annoyed with me for following her ideas for this journal page.

The images are of my Nanna and the group photograph is of my Nanna with her own children and her mother standing behind her on her left. The little girl on the right hand side of the photograph is my mum. I have included a shell and a piece of beach glass because my Nanna lived near the sea when I was a child and the buttons are there because they are old. The blue button probably dates from the 60's or even maybe the 50's and came from an outfit that my Mum made for herself. I did find the cigarette cards but now I find they do not fit in. I will use them in a separate piece as I do have several other images of my nan and would like to make some more pieces.

Just as I started to cook the dinner tonight I noticed that the houses across the road were lit up with an orangey glow. I went rushing out to the back garden with my cmaera and caught this gorgeous sky

It doesn't look quite so dramatic on here but it was lovely. I nearly missed it because I couldn't find my camera so that was a bit of rushing about and cursing going on! Now, if I could just find my hairbrush.....!


sharon young said...

Hi Julie
Love the way your progressing with this piece, the images and memrobilia really work well together, it has a lovely soft nostalgic feel.
Great sky pic.
I hope your cold gets better soon.

Guzzisue said...

the sky was amazing wasn't it!! and your TIF is coming on so well.:)

DeeMom said...

Oh Julie sorry you are feeling bad…hope you did not catch my BUG!
The piece you are working on with things of your Nannas, lovely. The buttons are intriguing
Your sky picture is lovely…

artisbliss said...

I'm glad you're still making progress in spite of your cold.

Your nice soft felting piece really makes a good background for this--the colors lend themselves very nicely.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Yes, the sky went al orridgey heer, tonite, as well!

Mummy still haz sum littol buttons from the 1960s, from a 'mattinee coat' that her Mumy mayde her. The buttons hav pigs on calld "Pinky & Perky". Apparently this yewst to be Mummy's fayvrit tv program!

Is yor jernol payge for wat they call "scrapbooking"?


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Hope yor cold gets better.

Do yu hav a Small Bear to carfter yu, or do yu hav to do yor own tishoo-ishooing?

I recommend hot warter wiv graytid root ginger an hunny in it. (If yu get a bit ov root ginger, an put it in the freezer, it is eesy to grayte into a cup.)

Bear hugs!


Shirley Goodwin said...

I've always found it hard to reproduce the true colours of sunrises and sunsets - they're often SO much more vibrant in real life. Hope you're feeling better now.

Purple Missus said...

Know what you mean about the cold - mine has made me feel like that for this past two weeks, doesn't seem to want to let up :(
I should think Beate will be pleased that you have followed her lead. Your TIF piece is coming together really well.

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Julie - your TIF is looking great - lovely and soft! Hope you get better quickly!

Anonymous said...

Julie, the project you have going is very nice, and I am waiting to see the finished piece. It will be great. and I love sunset. Rene

Julie said...

Bob T Bear, thank you for telling me abowt the ginger. I will have to get some.

I have a frendly bear called Bertie who is very good at carfterin and has been tishoo-issuing all weekend :) I am going to treat him to a holliday for being a good bear.

I used to wotch Pinky and Perky too when I was a littol girl. No, my jernol payge is not for scrapbooking, I think that is mostly done with paper and paint and stuff. I will probly make a wallhanging with my pikcher.

Julie said...

Oooh Bob! I should have said, we are going to see Mrs Nesbitt and Edmund in Yorksheere :))

Ira said...

You TIF is great. You are lucky person - you have pictures from you Nan. I have only one with me, and stand in town museum about here husband without pictures.
Hope you feel better.
Thank you for visiting my blog

Julie said...

Thank you Ira. My cold is getting better thank you. Yes, I am lucky to have these old family photos.