Friday, 1 February 2008

Take it Further January Completed!

I cannot believe it, but I've actually finished the January Take it Further Challenge! Just as well because the February challenge has already been announced - more of that later.

So, without further ado, and because I'm itching to put it up, here's my finished piece

My inspiration for this was the artist Kurt Jackson but I think that I have to admit that that was probably just an excuse to make something based on St Ives, which I absolutely ove! This 6" square landscape has been made with the embellisher with a small amount of hand stitching added. Since I last blogged about it I have added a little green organza into the sea and some mulberry bark into the foreshore and the sky. The photograph is a little on the dull side and doesn't show the glints of light given off by the angelina and organza.
While I've wandered off the theme of inspiration by being less adventurous than I could have been I think I have fulfilled the "Take it Further" part of the challenge as I have certainly worked in a different way (for me) on this project and have gone through stages of preparation that I would not normally have followed by making drawings in watercolour and neocolor and then collage.
Now, on to the February Challenge!


Gina said...

That is beautiful Julie - well done for producing such a lovely piece of work and getting it done on time. Looking forward to seeing what you do in February!
Gina xx

Lesley said...

It's turned out beautifully Julie and I have really enjoyed seeing it develop over the month. Looking forward to February's challenge :)

Lesley xx

artisbliss said...

This is really lovely, Julie. It's nice to see the finished product after you showed us the process.

Thanks for alerting us to the CyberFyber trade. I'm trading, too!

Waltraud said...

So lovely! And I am also looking forward tu the next theme!

sharon young said...

Hi Julie
This piece turned out beautifully, and the hand stitching just finished it off really well, accenting the lovely gradations of colour.
You can see the sparkles in the close up, well worth a look!
I think your careful preparation payed off!!

ancient one said...

This is so pretty!!

Becky Vigor said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. The things you've added really create distance in the composition and the hand stitching is so pretty. I like the way you've done the edges too. Definitely one for the wall :)

katelnorth said...

Lovely piece, Julie. It amazes me what wonderful depth and texture people can produce with embellished pieces.

Linda said...

I'm glad that I hopped over to your blog to make a comment rather than leaving one on the TIF blog, because I wouldn't have seen the St. Ives link. The things that drew me to this piece were the colour range and the quality of the light. St. Ives says it all!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful Colouration on your little landscape. Bravo!

Dot said...

This piece turned out beautifully Julie! I am really enjoying your textile art..

MargaretR said...

Your January TIF is a delight!