Monday, 11 February 2008


About a week ago I mentioned to Sharon that I had done a little work in pastel and I intended to post one or two examples. I finally remembered to photograph them today.

This sketch was done at a club workshop with Tim Fisher, who is an excellent teacher. We had done some drawing exercises before we worked on this piece. Usually I am not happy working with pastel but I did enjoy working on this. I just wish I'd taken photographs of the various stages!

The two examples above were done at the art class I used to go to regularly. Most of our work was done in pencil, pen and watercolour but on this occasion we tried out pastels.

This final piece was my interpretation of a Monet style painting. I seem to remember that I sketched out the first layer in chalk pastel and then worked over it in oil pastel. It's a bit blue and I think I could have put a little more emphasis on the verticals but there are parts of it that I like. Maybe I should try pastels again! Oh, and Sharon, time for you to do some more watercolour! ;)


morningDove said...

Julie: love your pastels. very vibrant

sharon young said...

Hi Jule
Great Pastels, I love the vibrancy of the top one, it really jumps off the screen. I think Tim must teach in the same way as my old tutor, with a stong bias towards exaggerated colour, we did mainly life drawing and he used a lot of colourful drapes to make us look for the reflections in the skin tones.
Yes I did do a little bit of WC on my last DCD, but it was copying someone's style as she's written a book on WC painting on Safari in Africa, and as we're going next year I wanted to get some practice in.
I'm planning to do some more this W?E so will show the results if I'm brave enough LOL

Becky Vigor said...

These are gorgeous. The top one is my favourite too, and I love how you've used the red in the foreground and the gradation of colour on the hills. The Monet one was instantly recognisable too. I love my oil pastels and am itching to get them out again now!