Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Look out! It gets a bit slushy here! Look away if you are of a weak disposition!


This is a quick blog today as we are having a computer free evening tonight. The wine is open and breathing and the lamb shanks are waiting patiently in the fridge to be zapped in the microwave (Delia Smith I am not!). Oh no! I've just realised I didn't get a pudding!! OMG Domestic Goddess I definitely am not......again!


Have a Happy Valentine's whatever you are doing. My DH and I are going to curl up with a Harry Potter movie, wine, tissues and cough sweets - yep, I've got a b***y cold!


Oh sorry, I forgot, I said it was going to get slushy! The photo is of my darling husband and I on our wedding day. Noone could take better care of me than my DH and I don't need Valentine's Day to tell him how much I love him. DH you are one very special man, thank you for every day you share with me and all the love you show me. Mwah!!!!!!! Can I have a cuppa tea now please?

Ok, slush over, you can come out now!!!!! lol :))


artisbliss said...

How very sweet! I loved seeing your wedding photo.

Hope you're over your cold(s) soon.

Maggie said...

slip out to M&S for some sticky toffee pudding. some found its way into our suitcase when we were in Northern Ireland last week- Valentine's Day is a good reason to have it tonight! If I had a M&S around here I'd never cook again.
love seeing you & DH what a lovely couple.
thanks for visiting my blog - yes I'm swapping ATC's with Susan of Cyber Fyber I've claimed #98!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Happy Valentine's Day an I hope yu get sum pudding, sumthing choklitty!


Lesley said...

Oh look at you two!!!!! I hope you have a lovely evening despite the cold. We've opted for a Meg Ryan video that DH bought for 10p out of the charity box at work last week!!!
I'm only here now 'cos he's gone to fetch dinner. I bought his favourite wine and lemon cheesecake pudding - how good am I??
Maybe he'll fall asleep and I can go on the internet later???


sharon young said...

Oh !!!! How Sweet !! And I did need the tissues LOL
Aren't you both the romantic ones. We did swap cards this AM (and I made mine), but my poor old DH is on a diet , yet again, to get slim for son No. 1's wedding next year, so I'm afraid it's the internet as usual!!
Sorry to tell you Julie that the lovely bead shop isn't online , I asked , the owner said she has upwards of a thousand bead jars and it might mean divorce if she asked her hubby to upload them!!
If you're looking for something special i could look next time i go there.
Have a wonderful evening, I'm sure you DH will forgive the lack of pudding!!

katelnorth said...

nice photo - and great dress. I should dig out a wedding photo of my own to post on my blog in a few weeks - big anniversary (biggish - 15 years) coming up. We never celebrate Valentine's, as our anniversary is less than 2 weeks after...

Dot said...

You look very beautiful (and very happy ) in your wedding photo. Am so happy you found a good man to spend the rest of your days with.

Hope you had a nice night in and that your cold is leaving you.
Belated Happy Valentine's day!

DeeMom said...


The Wittering Rainbow said...

Shucks! You look very happy. You couldn't get more un-romantic than my DH. He's not even aware it's valentines day. Good job we're so similar!!

Judy Scott said...

Hi Julie I didnt need the tissues you just made me smile with happiness ~ Its so lovely to see happy couples and you look radient. Hope youre feeling better now, love Judy xx

Julie said...

Thank you, Judy. Still full of cold but I do feela bit better.