Saturday, 9 February 2008


I finally managed to get to our monthly mixed media workshop/playday today having missed the January session when my DH was ill. I didn't achieve anything concrete but I did have a play with some Evolon which I bought recently from Rainbow Silks. This is a new product, said to be similar to Lutradur in that it is paintable, printable, sewable and probably a few other -ables too! It does feel softer and denser than Lutradur, more like a fabric.

I decided that I would use acrylic inks to colour the Evolon with and sprayed water onto the fibre to dampen the surface.

This is the surface when wet and with inks squirted on neat from the dropper. As you can see the ink was very reluctant to move even when sprayed with water. I did try and spread it with a brush and water to close some of the gaps but I think it would have been more successful if I had diluted the ink in the first place.

I don't think there is much difference to be seen between this dry sample and the wet version.

This is the reverse of the Evolon when dry. There are some attractive textures here I think.
I did cut some samples from the sheet of Evolon that I had painted and subjected it to the heat gun but with very limited results. In fact, the fabric barely altered at all. I would like to have a play with it with a soldering iron as we did find it was possible to cut out shapes with it but unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the tiny bit we did. Oops!

The above photo shows some oilbar (Shiva paintstix) rubbings on Evolon over rubbing mats. the black shape in the middle was done with a Neocolor crayon which of course is not water resistant.

This time I diluted the inks and then brushed them over the oilbar rubbings. Even though the ink was diluted you can see that it was still reluctant to blend. The ink/paint seems to stay where you put it and not migrate through the fibres.

The photo above gives a closer look at the surface of the Evolon.
Obviously I have barely scratched the surface of possibilities with this fibre and when I get chance I will experiment further.

Footnote: I have just Googled Evolon in images and have been linked to Carol Clasper who has blogged about her own experiments with Evolon last year in a much more extensive way than mine. If you click the highlight of her name you can read all about it.


katelnorth said...

interesting, Julie -not heard of that before - but of course, as I need another new thing to try out, I will have to add it to my List :)

artisbliss said...

Looks like you had a great time. Maybe I could organize a fiber/mixed media play day. Hmmm.

Lesley said...

I love the effect of the rubbings and I love seeing what you do with materials I wouldn't even think of using!!!
I had a little play with the embellisher last week and desperately want to do more!

Lesley xx

The Wittering Rainbow said...

I've used evelon in one or two pieces, but it's not been a wonderous development for me. I like the way it can be painted - the results are much much better than lutradur, and the fact that it can be stitched. But, it's also difficult to "lose" the stitches - they stand out too much - and the results are quite intrusive in a piece. I haven't tried making a whole piece from evelon, there's a thought!

DeeMom said...

takes my breath away Julie

very stunning

Into the Blystic said...

I always love coming to see the experiments on your blog! namaste Elis.