Sunday, 3 February 2008


I have heard from Susan Lenz and she is happy to swap with me so I will soon be receiving this ATC from her:
There are still plenty of ATCs available to swap if you'd like to join in. By swapping an ATC or a postcard with Susan the card you send her will be included in the Cyberfyber exhibition next January. How exciting is that? When I blogged about this the other day I hadn't realised that my ATC would be included in the exhibition so now I'm all overcome!! The link to Cyberfyber is in the right-hand bar of this blog. Don't forget to have a look!


artisbliss said...

Lovely postcard from Susan, and I'm sure yours to her will be beautiful as well. I've posted what I'm sending on my blog, too. Isn't this fun?!

Maggie Grey said...

The ones you gave me are still on my mantlepiece, Julie. they look so good that I haven't been able to pin them on my noticeboard in the workroom yet!