Friday, 22 February 2008

Blog break

My poor DH has got the most awful cough (been to the doctor's, small infection in one lung so on antibiotics) but hopefully we are still going to see our friends in Yorkshire this weekend so there will not be any activity here for a while.
I have been packing today and first of all a little friend wanted to help

which was fine, but then

a few of his friends thought it would be a good idea to go on holiday too.
After a bit of gentle persuasion most of them were pursuaded to leave but it looks like the pink guys will be coming too

I don't think Bertie's 100% impressed as he's been mopping brows and tishoo-isshoing all week and I promised him a special break for working so hard. We shall see who ends up in the car tomorrow! Talking of cars............I cleaned mine yesterday!! Gasp!!!!!! Unheard of!!! Mind you, I nearly collapsed by the time I'd finished. Instead of being dried off it just got clean water scooped over it out of a bucket to rinse the soap off. What's a few streaks between friends? Oooh! That reminds me. I need to check the washer bottle! See, I'm very technical, got all the jargon! ;))
At the risk of boring you I will just show you the other landscapes I've been working on this week. Don't get excited, there's not much difference from the one I made for the January TIF.

This one is the third one in the swap I am doing at MachineEmbroidery_MachineFelting_FME It needs some handstitching on it and I shall do that next week.

This one is postcard size and will have some handstitching on it and will then be crossing the Atlantic to Susan Lenz for her Cyberfyber Exhibition which I am really excited about.
If you are too late to join in the direct swaps with Susan you can still join in the Free Trade which is happening next January 10 as part of the Cyberfyber event. To join you need to make up to three ATCs keeping the surface fairly flat and mail them to Susan. The details are here. You need to enclose a self addressed stamped envelope with sufficient stamps to cover return postage in your own country's postage stamps. The way I read it if you do send 3 ATCs you need to send 3 return envelopes so that you get 3 back. (I'll check this out actually just to be sure).
Shhh! Don't look now but DH has gone for a lie down and finally stopped coughing. I'll just creep out quietly. If you wouldn't mind doing the same and I'll see you soon. Byee! Shhhhh!


Gina said...

Hi Julie,

I'm back in blogland! Hope you have a fabulous w/e away (so pleased your pink frinds are coming along too!) Love the landscape samples (confess I'm flicking very quickly through favourite blogs in an attempt to catch up)

Best wishes to DH for a speedy recovery

Gina xx

artisbliss said...

I love your landscapes. Very painterly.

I certainly hope your hubby is well enough to enjoy your trip. Hopefully the medicine will take effect quickly!

sharon young said...

Hi Julie
Hope you manage to get away, and your DH recovers quickly.
The landscapes are looking lovely, beautiful choice of colours!
Hope Bertie won't be too sad on his own, you should have said, I would have done a bit of bear sitting :-)


LOVED reading your story, made me smile. and loving those pink guys lol

HollyEQQ said...

That landscape is gorgeous! Sorry to hear the hubby is sick. Hopefully your trip with make him all betters.
Your blue haired friend and her lazy sidekick.

Aussie Jo said...

Hi Julie,
I'm loving your landscapes, the colours transition so subtly. You did well to wash the car. Over here in Oz we're on strict water restrictions so I have to wait for rain to wash the car!!!

Into the Blystic said...

your TIF is lovely. I love the beautiful subtle shifting tones! reminds me of watercolours! namaste Elis.

Lesley said...

Hi Julie, hope your poorly DH is feeling much better! There's a lot of lurg round at the mo'!! Hope you got to Yorkshire ok and had a fab time :)


artisbliss said...

Thinking about you on your trip and hoping everyone is feeling better. We miss you here in blogland!

Becky Vigor said...

Your landscapes are looking great. I love the idea of tissue-issuing - is there a quota and do they have to be recorded in a log book? :)) Hope you have a good time away.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

How was Yorkshire.
From Lincolnshire to Yorkshire, Did you go over the Humber Bridge, I was there in 1993 when it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, now it is No.5. I will post a picture of that bridge for the new Bridge Theme Day next Monday

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Good to hear you have a designated tishoo-ishooer there!

Hope all is well soon.

Enjoy Yorkshire- I hope we can go back there sometime. It was lovely. Lots of cake!