Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Bespoke Stationery

I don't have a lot to blog about at the moment as I've been working on the embellisher to make another 2 of the St Ives scenes that I did for the January Take it Further Challenge. One is to keep and the other is for Glenda, my second swap partner at Machine Embroidery_MachineFelting_FME group . I am also making another postcard size to swap with Susan Lenz in her Cyberfyber Exhibition. The postcard I have chosen from Susan's rapidly diminishing selection is this one

Susan says about it "This postcard was made from experiments in embellishing. A length of chunky yarn was embellished into an oval. This oval and triangle of lavender felt were embellished onto a piece of taupe silk backed with crimson felt. The felt was then embellished from the back around the pieces. The reverse is a piece of fabric paper created using fragments of late 18th and early 19th century text, handmade paper, polymer emulsion and metallic paints on unbleached muslin. It is signed and dated in free motion machine embroidery." I am just as interested in the reverse so I will post it here when it arrives.
My friend's young daughter has recently had a baby (called Finley, no, not Sharon's grandson!) and she has decided that she would prefer to work from home designing her own wedding stationery, so if you're in need of some individually designed stationery you might like to have a look at her new website here .
My cold is slowly clearing up and I am feeling more like doing things. Unfortunately DH has now caught it and is feeling very sorry for himself today
:( Man Flu! Poor thing, he is manfully struggling on at work because they are short-staffed. He only has to get through tomorrow and Friday and then he has a week off as we are going to see some friends in Yorkshire. I love Yorkshire and am looking forward to visiting some favourite places - Whitby, Goathland, Scarborough (does anyone know where the fabric shops are in Scraborough?), Hutton le Hole, Pickering. I'm taking plenty of handsewing with me as there's no computer link available. DH will go stir-crazy!


artisbliss said...

Another nice postcard from Cyber Fyber.

Glad you're feeling better and hope hubby is improved before you leave on your trip!

sharon young said...

What a great PC, the only thing is it's a bit daunting working out one to exchange, especially as it's going on public view!!!
Love your friend's web site, will pass it on to my son who's getting married next year.
Glad your on the mend and hope your DH will be better in time for your break, I'm so envious LOL
Will keep in touch to see if anyone knows of interesting fabric shops for our trip in June.

katelnorth said...

Glad you are feeling better- I think I am coming down witha cold - you didn't sneeze on my blog, did you? LOL

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Hope you have a great trip to Yorkshire, That is a very nice area and hope you have pictures to post when you return to Blogland.