Thursday, 31 January 2008

Teddy Bear's Picnic

This gorgeous and plucky little bear, who you can read about here is preparing to go on a great adventure which will end in the most northernmost Teddy Bear's Picnic later this year. He is going, with some other bears, to have a picnic 700 miles away in North Cape Norway. This plucky little bear is helping to raise funds for specialist children's bereavement srevices at St Theresa's hospice in Darlington. Edmund is being sponsored by my friend Mrs Nesbitt who you may remember I met up with in York before Christmas. Good luck Edmund! Keep warm! (It's all right Bertie! You can come out now! You don't have to go!!)


artisbliss said...

Good luck and godspeed to Edmund! It sounds like a very worthy cause.

Lesley said...

Good luck on your expedition Edmund - you are a very brave bear :)


sharon young said...

Bye bye Edmund, have a good trip.
Hi Bertie , you knew Mummy wouldn't let you go that far all by yourself really, didn't you xxxx