Thursday, 24 January 2008

Take it Further

I wasn't able to post the work I did yesterday on the Take It Further Challenge as it wasn't dry but I did get to photograph it today

I understand from reading other blogs that it is a good design tool to make a paper version, from magazine clippings, of the project. I believe this helps you to become more familiar with what you are trying to portray and also gives time to solve some of the problems of composition and form. Creating this little collage, which is the size of the projected finished piece (6"x6"), has helped me think thro some of the questions about tone and composition. The main thing that keeps jumping out at me is that I am not comfortable with the diagonal line I have made with the foreground. I think that when it comes to making the journal page I will change the foreground to a horizontal format so that the composition is one of layers.

This is a little oil painting that I did some time ago of a scene a few hundred yards from the one I'm working on and I think the horizontal layers work here.

I have tried one or two (small) samples to try and decide which backing cloth I am going to use as I am uncertain whether to use a white or a blue backing for what is going to be an embellished piece.

This is the blue sample

And this is the white.

My feeling is that, although the white cloth will be covered up, it will still give an overall light to the piece. I think the blue background may make the landscape darker and heavier and as I am portraying Cornwall on a sunny day I don't want it to feel heavy. I am looking forward to actually working on this piece now. I suppose I should do more test pieces to help me decide what to use. I am tempted to use pieces of scrim, silks and chiffons as well as wool fibres, but I will probably wing it instead of doing the sensible thing of trying it out first! Live dangerously, that's me!
I haven't lost sight of the fact that this piece is inspired by the art of Kurt Jackson and I intend to keep his work in mind when I am working, particularly on the foreground. Kurt's work is energetic, with mixed media used throughout and I hope I can bring some of this to my journal page.

I had a really lovely surprise in the post today! I had admired some fabric I had seen on Kate North's blog and, guess what? She sent me some! How kind is that?!

Isn't it pretty? I love dragonflies, they are such beautiful, delicate creatures and they have amazing eyes! I've told Kate that I'm going to make a Dotee doll for myself with this beautiful fabric. That will leave me plenty so I'll have to get my thinking cap on - or just enjoy looking at the fabric! Thank you Kate, that was very kind of you! :-)

Also in the post was this

Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow?
BTW, I've been fiddling with my header. What do you think?


Gina said...

Like the look of your challenge piece Julie. I think you could be right about the white background. New header looks good!
Gina x

sharon young said...

Hi Julie
Like the new header, very swish!! do I detect a bit of PShopping,
I agree with you about the oil painting , the horizontal layers work very well here.
I also think the white BG is the best one to use, it should keep it light and surfy :-)
Glad you liked the pics on my post, I liked them better for not having seen them for a year, I hadn't had the camera long at that point and was a bit disappointed with my efforts!
Lovely fabric!! You lucky thing!!

artisbliss said...

I like your new header very much. I've been thinking of changing mine. Maybe now's the time. How nice of Kate and what darling fabric!

Lesley said...

I love your new header! I've been meaning to spring clean mine and may have to play in photoshop.
I'm enjoying the progress of your challenge piece and agree with you and Gina about the white background.
Beautiful dragonfly fabric! I look forward to seeing your dolly :)

Lesley x

jacqui said...

Great start to this challenge. Having compared the collage and the painting, I would simply say the diagonal line is going up in the collage but in the painting it is actually going down, so I wouldn't make it a horizontial line, just modify it downward.

The white ground would be the one I chose as it would as you say, allow the light to come through.

Julie said...

Jackie, thank you for your comment. I see what you mean and that's probably what I'll aim to do, modify the line. No doubt once I start with the needle felting it will go its own way! lol

Becky Vigor said...

I'm so impressed with your approach to the TIF challenge. All your experiments are interesting in themselves, and i can really see how they are leading you to your final piece. I need to learn to do this better. I like your new header too, very delicate.