Monday, 21 January 2008

Delightful Post

YaHay!!! Am I not a lucky girl?! Look what the lovely postlady brought me this morning (before I was up! 10.30 and still in bed! tsk tsk.)

I knew this envelope was coming as I had agreed to do a swap with the very lovely Dot all the way over in Victoria, Australia. This envelope had only taken a week toget here from the other side of the world and was well noted up with customs and security declarations!

The first to come bursting out of the bubble wrap after being confined for a week was this gorgeous Dotee doll in such lovely colours. She has a lovely bird and dragonflies in her hair and a tinkling bell so I know where she is. She also has some beautiful beads decorating her.

Following closely behind is this beautiful girl who also has a little white bird in her hair and a millefiori button at her neck. She is absolutely gorgeous and is made from some beautiful cotton prints.

Here they are together, Dot, looking very happy to be out of that envelope! Thank you so much for my lovely girls! Dot has been a little quicker than me at making her dolls but I have just got to finish off my swap to Dot and then it will be in the post.

Oops! I almost forget, the reverse of the card above was this bonus ATC


Gina said...

They are beautiful Julie - a cheerful start to a Monday! Dot's creations really are special. Thanks for the instructions on getting my photo up - it's not all that recent :)
Gina x

sharon young said...

You are a lucky girl!! They're just too cute!! they make me smile just to look at them:-)
Thanks for your compliments on my photos.

The Wittering Rainbow said...

How exciting - you are indeed lucky! I love getting post from the other side of the world.

Lesley said...

Now that is a parcel worth getting out of bed for!! They are both beautiful and I love the blue fabrics on the dolly.

Glad to hear you were resting up after your poorly time.

Lesley xx

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Arnt pressies from rownd the werld fun?!!!


artisbliss said...

Hadn't checked in at your blog in awhile but must do more often as I'm missing an awful lot. The dolls are great and I love your embellishing experiment. Must dig out my wool roving and angelina and have a go at something similar. Glad you're over the ickies. We've had a lot of similar stuff this winter which makes me long all the more for spring!

Doreen G said...

Lucky you getting 2 dolls from Dot in one parcel.
I also happen to be the recipient of some of Dot's dolls and they make me fell happy when I look at them.

Dot said...

Ooh....a whole post on my parcel!! So , so pleased you liked your Dotee doll and Ruby doll. Love the photgraph you took of them together! And I am sure they are loving being out of the envelope and in your loving home...


Dot xx