Saturday, 19 January 2008

Cuddly and Pink

While I am feeling better than I was earlier in the week cooking dinner for my DH before he went to work this afternoon and then a trip to the Supermarket have left me wiped out again so this will be a quick pop in and pop out.
I thought that certain among you would like to be assured that my cuddly and pink friends have been doing their bit to look after me.
Bertie is only a baby bear so he has been cuddling up to me for little kisses which have helped me feel so much better! (No, Bob T Bear, he hasn't found the pant drawer yet but there may be blue ones there!)

Mungo thought he'd help out by keeping an eye on the blog

but it was all a little bit confusing so he had to call up the reserves (Maud) to help him out

"What have you done there, Mungo", said Maud. "Erm.......well you just press here and Bob's your uncle, or the bear!"
Sorry! Normal service will be resumed......sometime!
If any of you out there is suffering with this dreadful virus you have my heartfelt sympathies. Rest up, keep warm and drink plenty of fluids. (Lesley, I hope you're ok).


Helen Suzanne said...

lol do you mean the "silly pink thing" virus :P Glad to see you've recovered your natural human pallor ;))

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Carnt wayte till he finds the pants!

Mummy sez the sayme abowt that virus- she keeps feelin better, then whoosh! An she is all tyerd agen. But at nite she so achey that she carnt sleep so she reeds Ruth Rendell Inspector Wexford books. Sheez on her second in a week. (sigh). Wuddent mind if they had eny Bears in the plots, then I cud sit up on the pillo an reed them too....

Hope yu feel better soon. Mummy sez drink lots ov water an rest, an nip owt in the garden in between showers for fresh air.

Bear hugs!


("Helen Suzanne"? WOW! Mummy's name is Helena Susan!)

Lesley said...

So glad to see your cuddly and pink friends are helping out!
Take it easy and I hope you feel fully recovered very soon.
I think Friday was a fluke for me as I spent all day feeling rather strange and by evening I was ok. Don't know whether to feel relieved or cheated - what's the point of feeling like that if nothing actually happens.
Then again I'm relieved I haven't been wiped out the way you have!

Let's hope this week is much much better for you,

love Lesley x

sharon young said...

Hi Julie
So glad you're being looked after there, at least they're doing their best and I know Bertie will need lots of kisses too as he's feeling a bit stressed with all this illness about :-)
BTW I hope Molly's on top of the cleaning, you know how these bears slacken off when they think no-one's watching!!!
Anyway, take care and don't over do it!!

Sharon said...

Hi! I'm glad you've got such nice cuddly pink frinds to help out. I hope you feel better soon, that stuff is miserable!