Thursday, 6 December 2007

It's me again!

Sorry to be popping up again today but I had to post this while I remember. Sharon was asking me about mulberry bark the other day and I realised I sit opposite a painting of mine which has mulberry bark on it so I thought I'd pop a pic of it on here.

If you enlarge the pic you will see that I have teased out the mulberry bark to make the "sea". I soaked it in water and teased it out and then stuck it to the canvas with pva glue. I then used my favourite Schmincke airbrush "inks" to colour it. I used lots of different textures on this canvas including lace, paper, "cobweb", scrim, some kind of decorative sandy granules and salt. I am not sure what the stick like stuff is. Probably stick-like stuff *LOL* Sorry - it's past my bedtime!


Gina said...

That's beautiful Julie. I can just see that as one of my textured landscape panels so now I want to go and play!

sharon young said...

Oh!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!! what a an amazing piece, I can see I have a lot to live up to! I'm just finishing a few little pieces for a works craft fair on Wednesday and then...... Oh joy , I'm going to award myself some play time, provided the studio roof doesn't give out before then!!
Can't wait for Ben to get home from school and see all his lovely comments!!

Debbi Baker said...

Julie this piece is awesome - I just can't tell you how incredible I think it is, I love the variations and all the textures. Your work is just wonderful.