Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Hopeless and Helpers!

My DH would say that I am rapidly approaching melt down in the Christmas preparations stakes! I have been trying not to get het up but gradually things are conspiring against me. Grrrrr! Today it was the Christmas tree lights! We have got a super duper multi-function set of lights which DH dutifully plugged in and tested before decking out the tree in them. Stand by for the dramatic plug in! Yes , you're there before me - nothing! No amount of fuse changing, bulb tightening or "Dammit"ing would help, they remained stubbornly dead! So today I trailed into town to post yet more parcels and buy some lights. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised, town wasn't as busy as I expected. Mind you, we've got so many roadworks I think everyone's going to London or Edinburgh to shop! It's easier than trying to negotiate our home town!

You'll be pleased to hear, and not unsurprised, that I had some help with decorating the tree when I got home.....

I think Maud was a bit worried about Mungo climbing the tree to hang the baubles!

Maud was much happier when Mungo climbed down again.

"What do you think of the tree, Bertie?" said Mungo. "Wow", said Bertie "It's great but, did you know there's a cow in your tree?"

While we're catching up with Mungo and Maud I have to say they have been extra helpful today....

Is there no end to their talents?
Enough of this insanity! I have actually managed something a bit more creative than decorating the tree. Goodness knows why in this hectic week, but I decided I wanted to make something on the embellisher so I have been playing with embellishing wool tops, chiffon, organza, scrim and anything else I could find in my bit box onto felt. I then backed it onto black felt and edged it with blanket stitch to make a small pouch which should just hold a camera.

I hope it doesn't look too amateurish. I'm hoping my technique will improve as I get more used to working with fibre and textiles. Hopefully my DD will like it as it's on its way to her in Hampshire.

I'll leave you with a pic of our tree. It's not very colour co-ordinated but I like a bit of colour at Christmas.


sue said...

looks great to me :)

Lesley said...

Mungo and Maud have done a grand job on the tree. What would you have done without them?
I love your camera pouch. See, that's why I want to play with my embellisher - now!! Never mind entertaining children and getting ready to go away - I want to play!!!
Has dammit got any stuffing left?

Gina said...

I'm so glad that Mungo and Maud are proving to be a great help - your tree looks gorgeous. We're about to put ours up now. Stewart has just said do I really want to do it this evening... YES!!! Better go and help as I've insisted!
Gina xxx

P.S. Love the camera case - fabulous!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Mungo and Maud are clearly tree-decorators par excellence!!! Love the camera case too - if DD doesn't love it I'm sure I could find space for it here!!! Lucy x

sharon young said...

I think Mungo and Maud are fast becoming my favourites, apart from Bertie of course. They're already famous as I've told my eldest daughter all about them, which just confirms her worst fears that Mum is firmly into her second childhood. Who cares!!
Love the camera case, I keep meaning to make something similar for my ipod but it hasn't materialised yet!!
Your tree kooks great, really festive!!

Judy Scott said...

Hi there think you need a cuppa and a sit down!! Your tree looks lovely and your camera case is brilliant. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas :)

Julie said...

Judy - Thank you so much! A cuppa sounds just the thing!

Dot said...

Catching up on some of your blog posts and this one made me laugh out loud! Mungo and Maud look like they were having a great time helping out. Their 'sister' Sally Splatt who lives with me sends a big wave hello from Australia. And is missing the cool weather in the UK (it's hot, hot, hot here).

Your tree is bewdiful!! Fancy doing a art swap at some stage? Your camera case is lovely Julie.

Happy New year to you

Dot xx