Friday, 9 November 2007

Workshop and a gift

I've been to an Acrylics workshop today held by my local art group Kesteven Leisure Artist Society. The workshop was led by Vince Amos who I haven't met before but who was a very relaxed and friendly teacher. I use acrylics a lot in mixed media painting but I would not normally paint a straightforward picture in them. I hesitate to show my efforts as they're a bit ropey but here goes!

This is the man himself (looking a little like Bill Oddie in this pose!)

Stage one was to cover the white of the paper with any dark tone to kill the white and, when that was dry, draw out the scene loosely. As you will see more clearly in the following pic my verticals are a bit wonky! Duh!

Stage 2 was to block in the main areas without worrying too much about being tidy because any mistakes can be put right later.

Stage 3 established some of the lighter areas in the background vegetation, establish the detail in the archway and tone down the sky a little. You can see that the house had got drunker as I've gone along (it looked vertical when I was painting it) and the arch doesn't look too upright either.
The next step is to tackle the house, sort out the foreground and the foreground trees. The theme of the painting (in case you were wondering) is an autumn landscape, hence the colours in the foliage.

Unfortunately I couldn't stay to the end so I am sure you are now saying "What's the point of posting this half finished piece?". It's useful from my point of view to see the painting on the screen as it's showing up my mistakes really well. I can see that my bushes are a bit uniform and need some work. I also need to sort out my perspective. I think at best this will be completed as a sketch rather than a "finished" piece as it has already been started in a loose way.

When I got home I was greeted by a parcel on the mat from Sue.

I am sorry, Sue, but this photo does your beautiful work no justice at all as I couldn't get the colour right on the screen. The gift tag shimmers with sheers/organzas and the green surround is also irridescent. The Itsy Bitsy bag is made from hand rolled felt and hand stitched and embellished with tiny beads. It is in my favourite turquoise blue (predominantly) and has a clip to attach it to a key ring or handbag. Thank you, Sue, they are lovely.

The reason I only did half the day at the workshop today is because I wanted to save my energy for tomorrow. When I felt myself flagging at lunchtime I decided to come home before I wore myself out. What's happening tomorrow? I'm going to the Crafts at Christmas and Hobbycraft show at the NEC! I've got my shopping list ready and I've been saving up! Look out Birmingham! Here I come!!!!!


sharon young said...

Hi Julie
I'm the same as you, in that I use acrylics quite a lot but rarely to work a painting. What a good exercise that was, I wondered if you painted it from a photo as you're all indoors.
It's a great start and really good to see how you got there.
Have a good day tomorrow.
Thanks again for picking me in the 100th post.

Julie said...

Hi Sharon. No we actually just followed Vince's sketch so we had no image, other than our own impressions of autumn, to work from. That's quite amazing for me as I never work without a direct source when I am painting realistically.

Purple Missus said...

Well I think you've done really well for a first attempt - far better than I could.:)
Keep working on it, would love to see it 'finished'. Have a great day out at Hobbycrafts, look forward to seeing the goodies that I know you will pick up.

The Wittering Rainbow said...

Have a wonderful time. I thought about going too because it's only up the road from me, but I decided to stay away because I would spend too much money. DH retired in August and I'm supposed to be living within a budget but I find it hard not to treat myself!! I love the bag and tag too-what wonderful ideas as gifts to slot into birthday cards etc. Oh, and the painting's good too. Pity you couldn't stay to the end but I think you achieved an awful lot in the time.

mrsnesbitt said...

Ooooooooooooooooooooooh! Really looking forward to seeing what you buy!


Gina said...

Looks pretty good for a first attempt Julie. Hope you're having a great day at the NEC