Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Post and warmth

Yippee! I got my first ever trade from a swap partner in America today! I am trading three bottlecap pincushions with three ladies in America and will receive three back (pincushions, not ladies!).
This pretty pink cushion wrapped in a piece of what I think is a vintage print material, is from Gail who lives in New Jersey. This parcel came all the way from America in less time than it took for Gina's parcel to travel about 70 miles in this country!
My studio is now looking rather different with its insulated ceiling. The builders finished tonight and I now need to emulsion the plasterboard before I put all my "junk" back in. My DH has offered to do it for me at the weekend. Hmmmm! Tempting offer! We shall see........I could do with getting it done so that I can sort myself out but I'm not sure if my joints will stand up to it. I suggested (jokingly) to the builder that I would throw some paint up. That gave rise to all sorts of mental images of the possible finished effect. It wouldn't be out of place in an art room, after all, would it?. Just a shame it would go all over my books and equipment. Oh well, bring on the paint roller and a step ladder! (Good excuse for a trip to B&Q, anyway. I love looking for art possibilities in that store).


sue said...

this swopping is getting so global these days:) are the pincushions fiddly to make as bottlecaps are so small?

sharon young said...

Hi Julie
I had to smile at the thought of you receiving three ladies all squashed into the back of the postman's van, sorry my warped sense of humour.
I think you should let your DH do the painting while you get on with something more interesting instead LOL, but don't tell him I said so!

mrsnesbitt said...

I have some spare plastic shelving, blue and purple. It collapses too, so if you are interested give me a shout. I could take photo & e-mail, then if you like it could bring to york!