Friday, 26 October 2007

A lovely gift

I have had a beautiful gift through the post today. Anna Nowicki celebrated her first year of blogging on Monday and offered a gift to the first ten to comment on her blog. I was lucky enough to be one of those ten! This bag is made from silk carrier rods which Anna dyes herself and this one is called Autumn.

The bag is beautiful with metallic threads running thro it which my photo does not show up. At the moment I have my camera in it but it will be useful to carry my mobile and keys on a day out. Thank you Anna and I hope you enjoy the next year of blogging. If you haven't visited Anna's blog you should, her work is inspirational.

I shall have to experiment with making cords on my new machine.......any tips would be appreciated!

I was planning to sew today but I haven't got there yet.......blame blogland....again! I did fuse some fibre together this morning after I'd done a bit of ironing:

It is a piece of calico that I painted previously with inks and I've layered Angelina, scrim, dyed by Purplemissus, organza and chiffon. I'm going to have a go at FME and then burn back some of the layers with my soldering iron. Of course, I am almost paralysed with fear at actually machining on it. Where do I start? Shall I sew in a pattern or just randomly? Which stitch shall I use? You can see why I'm such a slow worker can't you? Get on with it Girl!!!!!!!!


Kate Henderson said...

The calico looks gorgeous, I bet you will make a stunning piece with it. Look forward to seeing it finished.

Purple Missus said...

Sometimes its a good idea to procrastinate when you've created a wonderful piece of fabric just waiting for stitch. Once you get going there will be no stopping you - look forward to seeing the finished product.
Annas bag is lovely - lucky you.