Thursday, 25 October 2007

Anyone want a cold?

My dear DH has very kindly shared his cold with me and I am now sniffling, sneezing and coughing with the best of them. How kind is he? To be fair DH had a bad night last night with coughing and ended up spending the night in the lounge surfing the net and eventually getting some sleep on the couch. We thought it might be flu this morning but, after some proper sleep he managed to get up and seems a bit better this evening.
So, these pix are to try and cheer me up. The glass pyramids were at Rattenberg, a former mining village in Austria and the lunatics below are DH, his friend Richard (in the smurf hat and Paul (the coach driver) entering into the spirit of things on holiday. The chap with the rip in his jacket was the entertainer, part of a duo, who had us in fits even tho they spoke very little English. (In case you're wondering they all ended up playing the me, it was hilarious at the time!)
I have had a little play with my sewing machine today and the fabric paper book is coming along, at least I now have it sewn together. I just need to finish the edging.


Gina said...

A good excuse to wrap up warm, stay indoors... and play with your new toy Julie!!!

mrsnesbitt said...

Yes keep warm!

I play the spoons, but need a few drinks first! LOL!

north Yorkshire

Purple Missus said...

I'd like to borrow your DH for Christmas - I bet you have lots of fun and games.