Thursday, 6 September 2007

Treats on Thursday

Gina was talking about RAKS or Random Acts of Kindness yesterday and little did I know that one such act was winging its way to me even as I was reading! This lovely lady has sent me all this gorgeous french antique lace to play with! I don't know where to start! Thank you Gina, so much, for such a generous gift.

I have had a go at zapping the lutradur I showed yesterday but so far I have only succeeded in making it buckle up. I also moved part of the composition (namely the gold that I had put under the circle) by mistake and I think it's lost a bit of its dynamism. Having read Kim Thittichai's item in September's Workshop on the Web I think I have used lutradur that is to heavy for zapping and also the acrylic paint I used is stopping the heat gun working. Oh dear, back to the drawing board.
I quite like this second attempt which I haven't zapped yet:

I don't think I will do anything to this piece with the heat gun. I shall have to shop for some lighter lutradur.

I'm really pleased with this drop sheet/paper that was underneath the lutradur etc that I painted yesterday. I shall have to find a use for it. Maybe some ATCs hmmm

These pics were taken with the new camera so I think I am happy with it - it seems to be doing what I want it to. It will get a proper test when we go to Austria at the end of the month.

These pix were taken in my brother's garden this morning:

The sundial says "I only count your sunny hours" - obvious when you think about it! lol

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Gina said...

That second Lutadur piece is gorgeous Julie and the paper from underneath is even better! Wonderful colours.