Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Lutradur + Lace

Do you suppose that dead camera disease is catching? I've been reading on a few blogs of failing cameras and now my poor Minolta point and shoot camera has finally succumbed and refuses to come out to play. It's been a bit sick all year so I suppose I'm lucky it lasted till now. I only bought it in 2005 so it's not exactly aged. Anyway, yesterday I had a good look round the 'net and Amazon tell me that my new Canon Ixus 70 has been posted today. Yippee! It's 7.1 pixel thingys so I should get crisp pix, I hope!

I have managed to take pix of my work today with DH's old digi camera - a Fuji but too small on the pixel count for me these days......isn't it terrible to live in such a throwaway society and succumb? It was what they used to call "entry level" and the pictures are not as clear as we're now used to.

Anyway, back to what I've been doing today. I've taken my first steps in the Fibre & Stitch lutradur and lace challenge and have been painting said materials and myself too!

I've painted interfacing, lutradur and lace in colours I don't usually use and I'm quite pleased with the results. I realised that if I lay the lace on top of the lutradur while I painted it I got a nice light effect on the lutradur.

Isn't this lace lovely? I don't have any fabric paints yet so I have used watered down acrylics with irridescent copper and interference red. I've used several different pieces of lace so I shall have a play and see how I can combine them.

I don't mean to moan but my health is being a real nuisance at the moment. Not only are my energy levels appalling but yesterday and through the night into today my plumbing has been playing up. Not to go into too much detail, many years ago I had 4 operations on my bowel and have ended up with something called short bowel syndrome. In other words my gut has a mind of its own and I am either trying to get it moving or stop it in its tracks (sorry if that's too much information). On top of that I cannot eat fibre - no vegetables, no brown anything, no fruit to speak of, no salad, no wholemeal, no wholewheat, no salad. I can only eat processed food, nothing "healthy": my doctor said "I won't tell you to eat mush but......". I think this is why my energy levels fall so low. I am unable to work as I cannot predict from day to day how I will be. On days like today the whole thing is extremely frustrating. I am, of course, aware and extremely thankful that, as long as I am careful, my condition is not life-threatening in itself and I have had over 20 years already that I might not have had if things had ended differently in hospital.

Sorry, I've gone on a bit. But blogs are for getting things off your chest sometimes, arn't they?

This gorgeous cat was in the undergrowth at Burghley last week. DH took the pic.


Gina said...

Sorry you're not feeling too well Julie. You've done some beautiful things with the Lutradur and Lace. I really like the paint effects on the Lutradur.

Susan D said...

Hope you feel a bit better soon. Your condition may not be life threatening but you must miss being able to eat some decent food. My brother has coeliacs disease and I know when he was first diagnosed the thing he missed most was having his meat pie at half time at the football match.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Your lutradur and lace looks beautiful. I know exactly how you are feeling. I have crohns, and
have had 2 surgerys and left with short bowel. Can't eat enough nutrition. Energy levels run low.
I miss all that good food too.
Hang in there.
Doreen K.

Julie said...

Doreen, thank you for your comment. I have a friend who has an ileostomy because of Crohns and she has similar problems. I understand how you must struggle at times too. Take care.