Saturday, 1 September 2007

Horticultural Show

We have spent today at a British (well I think it is) Institution - the village Horticultural Show. My DH had been invited to have a stall and sell his cards at the afore-mentioned Show in the Leicestershire village of Stathern (pronounced by some as Stat-hern). I went with him for moral support and to be an extra pair of hands if we had a rush on! And, indeed, my attendance was not in vain....I was called upon to spring into action! For 5 minutes anyway. Actually we had a very good day and DH sold more cards than he expected to. Unfortunately we were sitting next to the tea and cakes stall so I spent any profit on said tea and cakes.

It was well attended and there was a Jazz band to liven up the proceedings (hope noone's averse to churchyards!):

The point of these shows is for people to enter their home grown produce, flowers, baking, handicrafts in various categories and to receive a cup or plaque for those judged to be the best. In many villages these prizes are hard fought and the whole thing is taken very seriously. There are classes for the children to enter too and it was great to see their enthusiasm and pleasure when they went up to claim their prizes at the end of the day.

If you look closely in the background of the photo above you should see a quilt which I have blown up: (not literally)

I am ashamed to say that I didn't notice the quilt till I looked at the photo so I can't describe it in any detail!

When we got home I found an envelope of mixed media postcards waiting for me. Unfortunately I only managed to photograph one before my batteries ran out and I haven't got any charged up at the moment so I will post the others in a day or two. This beautiful card is by Linda and has a lovely piece of embellished fibres with threads and a skeletal leaf together with star patterned paper. The postcard was to be made using one colour only. I don't usually work in red so it's nice to own something in this gorgeous colour.


Gina said...

Our village has a show just like this Julie - there is much competition for the prize cups including categories like the "rudest vegetable"! Unfortunately will be away for this year's show. Love the red postcard - very zingy!

imac said...

Ah, Fame at last for your DH.:)
Theres loads more pics to see in my Blog.