Saturday, 11 August 2007

Saturday again

My friend Ann and I finally managed to get out to a local gallery today to see an exhibition by C & G embroidery students. It was held in a small gallery in Corby Glen, a local village. The gallery is on the top floor of the building shown above and all exhibitions are free to enter. The resident caretaker and his wife keep a beautiful garden as you can see. (sorry blogger won't enlarge the pic)

I did take some photographs but I do not have anyone's permission to use them on the net so I do not feel able to put them up. However, there was a very beautiful flower head on a plant in the gallery. Unfortunately there was no label to tell me what it is and I was so excited by the flower that I didn't take much notice of the leaves. Tsk tsk.
Arn't the colours and textures of these flowers wonderful? I like the bits (very technical!) that trail down and can see possibilities for fibre work. (If you want to use the pic for your own inspiration please go ahead).

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