Saturday, 25 August 2007

Burghley House

We had a great day out on Thursday at Burghley House which is close to Stamford in Lincolnshire and home to Burghley Horse Trials which start next week. It's only 20 odd miles from here but I have never been so decided to take Mum as she has always wanted to go. In fact we all went, even DH as it was his day off.

We started off at the Garden of Surprise (well, after a cup of tea, of course!) which is a new venture this year (the garden, not the tea! lol). It is basically a garden of water features with added extras including a mirror maze which I was too chicken to go in - I wasn't on my own there! The children who were there were having a great time, bathing suits on and rushing in and out of all the fountains and pools.

There was quite a clever use of mirrors throughout as you can see from these pix:

DH was very busy taking his shots:

There were loads of wonderful sculptures and textures in the garden and the sculpture park too so I'll just whet your appetite tonight as we've got another busy day tomorrow - a coach trip to Derbyshire for Wells Dressing and Caverns!

I don't know whether we are doing more this visit than usual but I shall need a rest by the time mum goes to my brother's later in the week - it's been fun though and good to see mum able to enjoy everything after all her health problems last year.

The twisted rust sculpture above is called "Anatomy of a broken Moon" by Miles Halpin. I will post some more pics later when maybe blogger will enlarge them.


sue said...

we've been past the signs for Burghley house so many times but have never called in, after seeing your photos I realise we must make the effort!

Julie said...

Sue, I was the same, if it hadn't been for mum we still wouldn't have bothered. It is a great place tho.

Gina said...

On my list of places to visit after seeing your pics - it's only about an hour away from us so worth the trip. Love that rusty sculpture.