Tuesday, 24 July 2007


I've been making a bit of progress in sorting out my workspace but haven't had chance to get out there today as the dentist called! Not my most favourite place in the world (no offence to my dentist who I do like) but it all went off well so I'm happy.
I had a play with painting washers yesterday to use as an embellishment (I saw the idea in Cloth Paper Scissors) and I'll post a pic when I've embossed them.
The painting below was an experiment in weaving materials thro the canvas - the colours not quite right but it's about the closest I can get. I pasted on some heavily textured paper with a vague thought of landscape but I didn't want it to be too figurative. The all over web-like texture was achieved by stretching cobweb (the sort you drape for halloween) across the canvas, spraying it with water and then dropping and spraying acrylic ink and spraying water where necessary until I was happy with the balance of colour. Some of the ink sits more heavily in some areas and in others I sprayed it out to make it paler. I left the canvas to dry overnight - as tempting as it is to peek! The surprise is when you peel the web away next day and see what you've got! I feel quite happy with the result and have left it well alone to consider whether it needs anything else but it's not telling me anything.
I finally got back to my July Journal page today and my progress is below. I think it may be getting a bit fussy but, having seen it on the screen, I wonder if it needs some seeded or running stitches on. Any thoughts?

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MargaretR said...

Hi Julie. I left a comment a bit earlier, but had problems signing in. I don't know if it came through or not. But I love both pieces. Please delete this for me if the other came through. Can you perhaps insert your email address on your blog so people can reply to you? My reply to your comment in on Serentex.