Sunday, 29 July 2007

I have been having a go with washers over the last couple of days. The method came from an article in Cloth Paper Scissors (May/June 2007) but I think I need a bit more practice! I was a bit heavy handed with the embossing powder so that not much of the painted surface shows so I will change that another time. I did find too that where I had painted both sides of the washer the underside softened and smudged as a result of being heated. I will probably keep these in my stash and attach them flat on a surface but one or two of them are ok enough maybe to hang in the right situation.

I quite like the blue washer that I managed to coat only partially with embossing enamel.

I had a great time this afternoon taking a leaf out of Lynda's book and have covered a block canvas with scrim and gesso (picture tomorrow). Hopefully tomorrow I will find some time to stitch into it and then decide what else it needs. Thank you Lynda for sharing the idea.

We went out to a village in the Vale of Belvoir yesterday to check out the church for a fete where DH will be selling his cards in September and I found some lovely rust to photograph for later inspiration. The rust on the left was at an old engineering works in the village of Stathern and on the right is a lovely rusty barbecue in a pub garden. Unfortunately some of my pix were blurred so we will have to go back to the pub again! Oh dear! What a hardship! Hope they won't throw out the BBQ.


Gina said...

That blue washer is fabulous - colour and texture!

freebird said...

Love the blue washer. Did you have fun making the washers? I saw that article and marked it for trying. If I can come up with something like that blue one it will be worth it.

freebird said...

I found a blog with a different technique with the washers. It seems to have more consistent results and I like how she turned them into charms. You will like the process too. The site is Hope you enjoy it. I'll check back to see what you have done with it!!