Friday, 20 July 2007

Art in Action

Doesn't DH look the part - the keen photographer on the prowl for a scoop!

The little girl below was enjoying herself swinging to the music yesterday at Art in Action.

We were lucky yesterday, the sun shone nearly all day and we stayed dry! I dread to think what's happened today with all the rain coming up the country. I am sure it must all have been turned to a quagmire.

The painter in action below is David Curtis who is famed for his oils and also watercolours which capture the qualities of light. I bought one of his books a long time ago and I like his style of painting.

In contrast to David Curtis's style I came over all excited by Francis Bowyers work which celebrates the qualities of the oil paint. The surface of his painting reminded me of a photo I took recently of a rusty buoy at Kings Lynn. I must get round to exploring this and interpreting it myself.

I don't know a lot about sculpture but these 2 figures below by the same artist both speak volumes. The little boy is titled "Look" and epitomises to me the posture of a small boy looking down into a pool of water or watching an insect crawl across the floor. They are by Anna Gillespie. I have had a quick look at her website and I can see some similarities with Antony Gormley - probably because of the human forms. I saw a tv profile of Gormley a few weeks ago and was amazed at the extremes he went to to portray the human form, including wrapping, or having his body wrapped, in cling film and plaster impressions taken.

The 2 pieces below are by Carol S Farrow and the colours are beautiful as are the surfaces. She has combined paper and cotton fibres and applied wax to the surface. Her pieces remind me of the surface of old walls.

I have included these photos as I took them myself yesterday but I hope they do not infringe anyone's copyright. I would ask anyone seeing them on this blog not to use them in any way which could adversely affect the originating artist.
Art in Action was a lovely day out. It was certainly an overwhelming experience at my first visit. There are so many types of art being offered that it is not easy to get round everything and take it all in. Having said that it was a very "cultural" and "cultured" day out with the opportunity to experience the art of many countries. The art was not just about painting and sculpture either - throughout the day there were performances of music and dance from India and Korea as well as Traditional Old English music. For a break from the hustle and bustle of the event the gardens at Waterperry are a beautiful, relaxing oasis.

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