Thursday, 1 November 2007

Can you believe it?

The next post will be my 100th post! I'm amazed that in barely 4 months I have had so much to say and show. In that short space of time I have met so many really lovely people and my own art has changed so much.

I think the iron tablets must be making a bit of a difference as I actually did some of that "H" stuff yesterday and today. You know, that thing where you push a sucky thing on wheels around and wipe cream and water round the bath. Yep, you've got it, housework! Oops! sorry for swearing! :o)) I haven't even felt like cleaning for quite a while so I was quite pleased with myself today. I've even (almost) tidied up the glory hole in the lounge which has been taken over by my stitching. I've managed to reduce 2 piles of papers and magazines to one so that's progress! Course, I was whacked when I'd finished today but at least I did it. Then I rewarded myself with a couple of hours with my bezzy mate Ann.

Ann is making a Christmas stocking for her new grandson and she's given me permission to show you it here. You'll notice it's on a boy theme not just a Christmas theme so it will be multi-functional.

Ann has taken a pre-printed material and is embellishing it with cord, bells and fur on the busby. Here's a close up of the soldier

I have been making pincushions with Fibre Art Traders, another Yahoo group, and took one of them round for Ann. They are made around a plastic pop bottle top and there is a tutorial on flickr here, along with lots of other examples on this lady's flickr pages.

Mine has turned out a bit taller than it should but really there aren't any rules. The sky's the limit!

I've also finished my ATCs for a feather stitch swap on MixedMediaATCs_UK. I've just got to put the backs on. I' m not sure whether I should have beaded them but hey, it's done now!

I was just on my way out to Ann's this afternoon when the post arrived and I had another lovely surprise. Kate, who I met thro the ATC swap group had sent me this beautiful card as a thank you for a bag of bits and pieces I had sent her. Isn't she lovely?

My neighbour is still in hospital. She has a lot of family visiting so I have not gone in to see her yet. Stewart saw her yesterday and she was very poorly, very confused and acting completely out of character. I hope this is just the shock coming out and that she will start to recover soon. Thank you everyone for your good wishes.


katelnorth said...

Nice pincushion - might have to put them on my list for next year... (this year, it's all bags)

Gina said...

That is the cutest pin cushion... oh dear, something else I want to make now!!! The ATCs are beautiful Julie... lovely colours.

Susan said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. I've very much enjoyed many of your recent images and your sense of humor...especially about finding your husband out on the lawn! Hilarious! Your work is great, especially the pin cushions...such an interesting shape and so colorful. Good luck on the Christmas stocking.
Thanks for the comments on my blog too!